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“Alvin, thanks for so much information on your web. It seems like you and your wife are really dedicated parent. So far, I haven't met anyone with your enthusiasm. And you all are also very generous to share and give. To this, I thank you.”
Stephanie Foo
“Hi Alvin, this is my first e-mail I am sending to you, and I am applauding you for your tremendous energies ,efforts and commitments in turning everyone's life into a endless beam of hope and love. Keep up your good works and be reassured I am still reading your mail. I have been also in my ups and downs in life for countless times and what you say I strongly and fully agree. Life is an attitude, it is an option and not a death sentence. A big thank you for all your posting."
Edwin Ong
“Kah Hong and Alvin, I've learned a lot from your report on how you teach your daughter to play the piano. Both of you are excellent parents.”
“Your sharing is truly inspirational to other parents. It shows how the love, support, encouragement and belief in your young child can do wonders in bringing out the genius in every child, whether it is in music or other multiple intelligences. Congratulations to Alvin and Kah Hong for their successful parenting. “
Flora Lim
“Dear Alvin, thanks for sharing all your great experience with the whole world. I've forwarded your report to all my friends and my colleagues in the office. It is a very useful thing to share.”
Siti Hajar Ahmat
"Hi Alvin and Kah Hong, your sharing is really helpful to me and other parents. All the parenting information, articles and the e-book have helped me cope very well with my children. You really have a "BIG HEART" to share your thoughts with all the parents. I would like to thank both of you for your parenting knowledge and tips. Thanks once again Alvin and Kah Hong."
Rajesvari PSK
“I just want to convey my appreciation for your effort and willingness to share your website. It's really great. I'm also deeply touched by the dedication that you have for your daughter. Through your articles, I have renewed my zest and motivation to continue to nurture and encourage my daughter more positively. Thank you very much for your contribution.“
Wee Liduan

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 The Opus Movie
Law Of Attraction

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