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What Parents, Teachers and Principals Said About Us

  1. “Hi Alvin, this is my first e-mail I am sending to you, and I am applauding you for your tremendous energies ,efforts and commitments in turning everyone's life into a endless beam of hope and love. Keep up your good works and be reassured I am still reading your mail. I have been also in my ups and downs in life for countless times and what you say I strongly and fully agree. Life is an attitude, it is an option and not a death sentence. A big thank you for all your posting."
    Edwin Ong
  2. Dear Alvin, our decision to invite you for our Open House is really spot on. You captured the parents attention throughout the 3 sessions and helped them make sense of what it really means to bring up children in our modern society. Your delivery with down to earth humour and realistic examples certainly made the talk relevant and practical.  I will certainly have you on top of my list for our future talks in our school. Thank you so much for your time and expertise."
    Mdm Ng Swee Lin, School Vice-Principal
  3. "Hi Alvin, Just want to thank you for your constant e-mails. It always comes at the appropriate time. Your message is straight-forward but I guess we sometimes need gentle reminders that we are not alone out there with kids. There are people like us - facing the same issues! It not only motivates me but encourages me to strive on. I share some articles with my kids and it was great bonding, communication and discussion. Really looking forward to your mail.  Thank you, take care."
    Jenny Kwok
  4. "Hi Alvin, many thanks for your tireless efforts & the generosity in sharing all your parenting tips on your website. Trust a lot of the parents has benefit from it which I certainly do. I have introduced to some of my friends & colleagues whom find it useful too!"
    Regina Song Mei Yan
  5. "Hi Alvin, I have received all your emails. I am so moved by your dedication and enthusiasm towards children education and I do hope I could contribute to this meaningful cause in the near future by sharing my parenting experiences and lessons learned from daily interaction and confrontation. I strongly agree with you that P3-P6 is a key period in developing a good habitual learning and arousing children's interests of learning by making the journey full of fun. Thank you for all the informative emails."
    Cynthia Chen
  6. "Hi Alvin, just want to thank you for your constant helpful tips for busy parents like myself. Really appreciate your time and love for the work you are doing. God keep and bless you always."
    Vincent Wan
  7. "Hi Alvin, I find your sharing very practical and helpful. It's not something very profound but yet workable. Some of the ways recommended actually coincide with mine as well.

    Bringing up children are like looking after pots of precious and fragile plants that need lots of patience, love, care, efforts and non stop improvisation of tuning according to each child different personality and etc. Your sharing is highlighting some minute stuffs of our daily life that can actually indirectly help/ affect children's developments.  Appreciate your generosity in sharing. Thanks you."
    Bee Khim
  8. Dear Alvin, thank you so much for taking time to share your knowledge, experience and learning methods with us at my child's school. I have definitely benefited from the talk and will apply the methods learned to use it on my children."
    Eileen Loh
  9. "Dear Alvin, thank you for sharing the video with me and my family. I will surely share it with my friends and relatives as well. Just as I had shared the link to your web site. I am so happy that I have attended your talk last Saturday at my child's school. You have helped me in so many ways with my son. Thank you again."
    Julie Gambe
  10. "Hi Alvin, thanks for the prompt action. I received the attachments. We are happy to have a good speaker like you to give parenting talks at our school. Hope we have the chance to meet again for next talk soon. Cheers."
    Lillian Ng
  11. Hi Alvin, Thank you for sharing the video. I have forwarded your ebook to some of my colleagues including one of my HR personnel. Guess what? He finds it so useful not only for parents but also for everyone in the office and actually forwarded to the whole company. Once again, thank you for sharing."
    Linda Low
  12. "Dear Alvin, thank you for your continuous and very enriching helpful sharing tips. I really appreciate it very much. No words can express my gratitude for all your constant inspirational, encouraging and helpful emails. The information I received from you is excellent and very helpful. You are a great man and also a husband and father. Great job!"
    Susan Tan
  13. "Hi Alvin, thank you so much for your willingness to share many parenting tips and your photos on you and your family's recent trip to Genting Highland. You are such a wonderful educator, trainer, instructor, counselor, writer and the many talents that you have. I greatly appreciate your kindness, helpfulness, generosity, graciousness in e-mailing to all of us, sharing your personal experiences, conducting parenting and educational talks, etc which are very meaningful and useful to parents. God bless you and family!"
    Mrs Lee-Chew
  14. "Thanks so much Alvin. Yes I am able to download your ebooks. I've also emailed the links of your web sites 'LearningChamp' and 'The Parenting Network' to my friends. I hope they'll spend some time to go through the very helpful sites. Thanks again. Cheers"
    Zandy Ng
  15. "Hi Alvin, I have really enjoyed and benefited your parenting newsletter. Really appreciate all your tips. I have never met or heard someone that are so committed and determined. We parents should take a good example from great people like you and Kah Hong. Great job!"
    Roslin Omar
  16. "Hi Alvin & Kah Hong. I certainly think that both of you are doing a great job in sharing and promoting parenthood tips. I am grateful for your generosity to share. Really look forward to receiving continual update from parenting newsletter, particularly on nurturing of children in today's complicated society. Thank you."
    Verlyn Wong
  17. "Hi Alvin, Thanks for your e-mail! My husband, Nigel & myself enjoyed your talk at our girl's school last Saturday. We find that the things that you shared with us were very practical! It's not easy being working parents in this generation, we really need to set aside a lot of time, effort and patience on the kids. We hope to share our experiences with you as we go along... thanks for sharing once again."
    Adeline Ho
  18. "Hi Alvin, thanks for the presentation at SPARK at the Child Guidance Centre. It is clear that you have lots of experience and one takeaway point is the way you communicate with your child to instill self confidence and encouragement, especially to one who has ADHD."
    KS Wong
  19. "Thanks Alvin for the newsletters and emails that you send and keep me updated of your workshops, talk and seminar. I have definitely benefited a lot. especially on the issue of bringing up respectful children - making a change is not an overnight issue, it requires effort and patience.  Of course the greater component is love. Hope to gain more technique, strategies and advise from you.
    Yvonne Chong
  20. "Dear Alvin, thank you for giving us such a fantastic talk at our company. I believe all of us have been benefited from your exciting speech. The effort from you and your wife will benefit the society at large. I have two kids, a 10 years old girl and an 8 years old boy. Thank you for the continuous advice and instructions in children education. My wife and I are always enjoying your email letters!  Thanks Alvin."
    Peter Shi
  21. "Hi Alvin, thank you for kindly sharing some very useful resources. Your talk at our school was great, only regret is that I could not attend on time due to another Parent Teacher Meeting at my son's primary school. I am in the educational profession and would certainly recommend you to other educators I know. God bless."
    Evangeline, Educator in a Secondary School
  22. "Hi Alvin, thank you for giving so generously to the 46 parents in our school in terms of time, the inspiring and helpful talk and extending the informal Q&A session. I believe the parents have benefited much from your talk. I have brought back many useful tips to help my children too."
    Amy Teo, Family Life Educator
  23. "Hi Alvin and Kah Hong, your sharing is really helpful to me and other parents. All the parenting information, articles and the e-book have helped me cope very well with my children in their homework. You really have a "BIG HEART" to share your thoughts with all the parents. I would like to thank both of you for your parenting knowledge and tips. Thanks once again Alvin and Kah Hong."
    Rajesvari PSK
  24. "Dear Alvin, the parents gave very good reviews on your talk and they found it very informative and beneficial. Your website has lots of gems for them too. We do need parents' support and cooperation for our pupils to do well. Thank you once again!"
    Mrs Corinne Kwan, School Vice Principal
  25. "Hi Alvin, once again, the school would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and service rendered. Thanks you for the wonderful sharing. The parents have indeed benefited a lot from it. Have received the other mails and information too. Will look into it and respond back to you ASAP, regarding the mandarin talk and others. Thank you and God bless!"
    Christina Ng, Family Life Educator
  26. "Hi Alvin, it's my pleasure to know you. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I have a wonderful time during your presentation at the parenting talk. You had delivered it well."
    Ng Sui Pin
  27. "Dear Alvin, I would like to thank you for sharing such a nice video with me. The video is too good. It 's really going to help all parents. I would definitely like to share this informative and inspiring video with all my friends."
    Suman Kanwar
  28. "Thank you Alvin. Appreciate very much your consistency, updates, wisdom and sharing of your life with my family. The message from you has been timely and very helpful to us in coaching our son."
    Eric Yeo
  29. Hi Alvin, Just feel like dropping a line to say "Thank you for the sharing". Really appreciate your great work and a big heart for the web site. Sign... hope I get to know your site earlier, which I found very helpful."
    Shelly Lin
  30. "Dear Alvin, it was nice meeting you and talking to you during the parenting talk at my child's school. It was my first time attending a talk in the school though my son is already in Primary 4. I really enjoyed and benefited from your sharing. Thanks for the ebook and all the informative emails as well."
    Jessica Chung
  31. "Hi Alvin, thank you for sending me the emails all these while, I enjoy reading all your mails and always looking forward in receiving mails from you. Recently I have ordered and downloaded The Student Winning Edge resources. I have not finished listening to them but I am sure it is a useful product for me and my children. Thank you once again."
    Wai Thing
  32. Hi Alvin, I'm very impressed with your website and will certainly share this website with the group of mothers, both Singaporeans and expats living in Shanghai."
    Stephanie Soon
  33. "Dear Alvin, thank you very much for your never ending encouraging and motivational emails.  I really appreciate it very much."
    Susan Tan Siew Tee
  34. Hi Alvin. Thanks for your mail. I have been reading your emails and newsletters. They are very interesting indeed. Your company and the rest are different. Your side has personal touch and also you involve sharing how you applied to your family and that is more convincing too. I have forwarded most of your mails to my colleagues in Philips and also my sister as well."
    Jordan Low
  35. "Thank you Alvin.  I just wanted to thank and congratulate you for taking so much interest in guiding today's children who will soon become the next generation."

  36. "Thank you very much for your very inspiring talk on last Saturday at my school. I believed the parents had benefited a lot from your sharing of experiences and the useful parenting tips. We would like to place on records our sincere appreciation to you and look forward to future opportunity for the conduct of such useful talk."
    Miss Fong Bee Cheng, School Principal
  37. "Dear Alvin, it was my great pleasure to have you in my school . Not only the parents but I have also benefited greatly from your talk. Thank you for the evaluation results. I will definitely work on the Parental Talk for the upper school and get back to you. Thank you once again and looking forward to seeing you real soon."
    Mdm Sathiya Bamah, Senior Teacher & School Staff Developer

  38. "Dear Alvin, I am writing to say 'Thank You So Much' for sharing your experiences and tips on how to nurture and develop the children's potential to the fullest. After the session, I had the opportunity to speak to some of the parents and they said they had benefited a lot from what you had shared. Thanks too for the link and your generosity in sharing. Yes, we'll surely engage you to give talks in future."
    Lim Wan Cheng, Teacher
  39. "Thank you for your generous sharing. You and your wife are really GREAT PEOPLE. I enjoy all your articles and I will definitely share your website with all my friends."
    Rosalind Tan
  40. "Hi Alvin, thank you for your emails and really appreciate your help and time. Your talk in our company was very refreshing and informative. I will bear in mind those things you have said. Actual fact, the presentation you have given us already in practice in my family and is also trying to adopt some of your methods. I have also forwarded your emails to my siblings. Thank you once again and will keep looking out for new updates."
    Cecilia Lim
  41. "Hi Alvin, I have been receiving your newsletters for some time and have enjoyed reading them. The information is so practical and very useful. You mentioned so many things that I have been wondering about and you have provided answers to them! Thanks so much!"
    Gomathei Muthusamy
  42. "Hi Alvin, thank you very much with your constant email on many issues especially dealing with exams. Yes, i have been reading it always. The information is very useful and will apply the tips you have shared. I have also forwarded all your emails to my siblings and friends so that they can also receive the same message you have given me and to guide their children along to cope with their exam and other issues. I do hope to spare some times to attend your talk one day. Thank you once again."
    Cecilia Lim
  43. "Hi Alvin, thanks for the sharing of your view and also for being such a generous person to show how your daughter did her notes for the Science. I really appreciate your unselfishness and friendly to share what you have and what you know. Thanks a lot once again."
    Tricia Lee
  44. Dear Alvin. Thank you so much for your generous sharing with us parents. Your efforts are most appreciated."
    Sharon Lam
  45. "Hi Alvin, thank you so much for sharing these valuable information with us. I have 3 children, age 7, 6 and 3. The other day, I lost my temper and was harsh with my eldest when coaching her in her Math. I felt so bad and helpless. I was surfing the net for some enlightenment and found your web site which I felt very useful. Thank you very much!"
    Denise Khoo
  46. "Dear Alvin, thank you for all the inspiring parenting tips which I always enjoy reading and find them useful."
    Lim Poh Lian
  47. "Hi Alvin, I'd like to thank you for all the updates and information . I'm very grateful for your sharing and passion of helping parents like me who wants to educate our children but at a lost of how to do it. I have forwarded your mails and share with others, like you have shared with me. Please continue to enrich me, Alvin."
  48. "Another great article Alvin! I learnt that setting expectations BASED ON MY CHILD'S STRENGTH is the way to go to help them build a confidence toward life-long success. Thank you for setting me straight on what makes REALISTIC expectations."
    Karen Hor

  49. "Thanks for the wonderful talk last Sat at my child's School. Thanks for the two e-books that you have emailed to me. I will read them during the weekends. I've also subscribed to your newsletters and have also given my friends your website, hope that they can benefit from it too."
    Ivy Tan
  50. "Dear Alvin, your talk at my daughter's school was very interesting. I had learnt a lot of useful parenting tips. Thanks again especially giving us a follow up email as well. I think it's really a very good idea! I will seek your professional advices with you if I encounter any doubts in parenting. Thanks and warmest regards to you and your family."
    Jenny Chan Swee Yong
  51. "Hi Alvin. Reading your email always give me knowledge, reminder and review myself of how to go along with my kids. Reading your emails is always something that I look forwards. Do keep me update again."
    Joyce Wong
  52. "Dear Alvin, thank you very much for sharing. Greatly appreciate your kind thoughts and the useful information. I have forwarded your good useful notes to all my colleagues too."
    Lillian Teo
  53. "Hi Alvin, I've really enjoyed reading and benefited from your parenting newsletter and especially the latest issue. Thanks and I do look forward for each new issue of your newsletter."
    Sharon Lee
  54. "Dear Alvin, I am so touched to receive your email and the fact that you will meet me and my family at the workshop. Keep up the good work, many parents needs people like you around."
    Marina Neo
  55. "Hi Alvin, many thanks on your note and various attachments and video clip. My husband and I enjoyed throughout your 1 hr 30mins talk. Thanks & regards."
    Carina Lee
  56. "Thanks for your regular emails, they are really interesting and insightful."
     Ting Cheng Sim
  57. "Hi Alvin, Thanks for your emails and it really helps me a lot on how to help my kid!"
    Miranda, Hong Kong
  58. "Hi Alvin. Great thanks for sharing great things with parents nowadays. Once again, very much appreciated for your email. Hope to catch up soon."
  59. "Dear Alvin, thank you for sharing this video with me. I really like it so much and have forwarded the same to my friends. Hopefully, they will find the same usefulness.
  60. "Alvin, thanks for sharing all the useful information with us. Really appreciate your kind thought."
    Florence Kwong Choy Yoke
  61. "Hi Alvin, thanks for your emails. The information have been great and a constant reminder to us as parents with young kids, to pay more attention in our daily parenting especially in this stressful life."
    Hong Sze
  62. "Hi Alvin, thank you for your concern and your regular emails which have given me lots of enlightenment in the area of coaching my kids."
    Eleanor Koh
  63. "Hi Alvin. It is really GREAT! I have seen most of the emails that you sent, you have done a really good job with your website. I look forward to hear more from you. Thank you. and God Bless."
  64. "Hi Alvin, Thanks for all kinds of information. I'm really learned a lot from you."
    Brenda Chong
  65. Hi Alvin, I have recommended your parenting web site to all of my friends who are parents. I have also encouraged them join as member to get your free newsletters and books. Some of them already give very good feedback to me about your site. Once again thanks for sharing your experience with all. Will definitely share with the rest too to make this world a better one."
    Kym Liew
  66. "Dear Alvin, thank you for the video. It really helps me. Keep sending me mails as they are helping me in making my parenting style better."
    Anita Jain
  67. "Dear Alvin, thank you for sending the parenting newsletter for my information, I have benefited a great deal from it. The newsletters that you sent to me are very informative."
    Amy Neo
  68. "Dear Alvin, thanks for the video clip on the oral exam. This is so useful tips for my son and other students. Thanks again."
    Idros Mohd Salleh
  69. "Dear Alvin, thanks a lot for all parenting newsletter . I have been very busy recently traveling to and from to India for business trips but I do make it a point to read each article of yours. Thanks for sharing with all parents. I like your article on communication with our teens. I have also made it a point to forward to my friends and family. Thank you."
  70. "Thank you Alvin for the updates. The video on your daughter Ethel's piano performance is superb. This must be one of the happiest and proudest moments as parents to such lovely and talented children. We really appreciate yours and your wife's efforts in sharing your parenting moments with all of us."
  71. "Hi Alvin, many thanks for your tireless efforts & the generosity in sharing all your parenting tips in your website and newsletter. Trust a lot of the parents have benefited from your work which I certainly do. I have introduced your web site to some of my friends and colleagues whom find it useful too!  I am sure a lot of the parents will benefit from you & your wife efforts. You both are such a gem!"
    Regina Song Mei Yan
  72. "Dear Alvin, thank you for your email. I came across your website by chance and thanks to my lucky stars for it. Your site is an eye opener. It brought an awareness to me on parenting. Though my children are in their late teens, I can still apply lots of your tips. I have recommended your site to my friends as well. Thank you once again."
    Deavi Vinod
  73. Hi Alvin, many thanks for your emails. They are really helpful."
    Christine Foo
  74. "Hi Alvin, thank you for your article and it has given me a very valuable advice how to maintain peace and harmony at home. Giving a deep thought and reflection of myself, it seems I am unconsciously creating this kind of ambience at home which it is not healthy to my family and ultimately giving myself stress and also my love ones around me. Sincerely thank you for the tips and will constantly remind me to keep cool always with your message."
  75. "Thanks for your wonderful emails and the articles at the website. It's very knowledgeable and helpful to me after reading the articles there."
    Catherine Tay
  76. "Hi Alvin & Kah Hong, Thanks for sharing the video of Ballet Hand-in-Hand. It's indeed a great performance I have seen so far. I used to attend my girl's concert, but nothing as beautiful and touching as this. They are so inspiring and encouraging, I will definitely show it to my friends and family. Thank for all the effort and encouraging.
    Jean Chan
  77. "Hi Alvin, Very nice talking to you. I always think of how to sharpen my child's knowledge. When I visited the web site, I got really amazed. There is a WOW FACTOR! in the website. The web site talks clearly in what areas the child should be brought up. The items in the menu covers all the main topics needed for a child. I am navigating to each and every page and reading in depth. If you have any presentation any where please invite me. I want to listen from you more ideas and advice. Excellent!"
    Raj Kumaralal
  78. "Hi Alvin, thanks so much for your follow up and the valuable materials which I have briefly look through. Believe these are very useful tips for parenting. I will continue to read more into your website and update you on my progress."
    Lee Saw Kim
  79. "Dear Alvin, thanks for all the wonderful things that you've shared through your constant emails. I really enjoy reading your emails."
    Christine Chua
  80. Dear Alvin, thanks for the time and effort. I received your report it yesterday. Really appreciate. Thanks a lot."
    Sumo Liew
  81. "Dear Alvin, it was great to hear from you, receiving your e-mail always bring such great encouragement to me, helping and guiding me to help my daughter. It is great that you have been visiting schools which know they will get a lot from your tips and teaching."
    Veron Ong
  82. "Dear Alvin, I would like to thank you for your sharing on in Marymount Convent School. Indeed, it was a very informative session. You are an interesting and knowledgeable speaker. Furthermore, you are also willing to share your experiences and knowledge.   As this was the second parenting session we attended so far, we (parents) found your session much more useful."
  83. "Dear Alvin, thank you very much for putting aside your time for our parents. Your talk was certainly insightful and the participants feedback that it was eye-opening for them and we should try to get you to do a re-run for other parents as well. Will approach you in near future once I have worked out the possible dates for both the parents and students one. Thank you very much for your invaluable time."
    Henry Kwek
  84. "Dear Alvin, I am very impressed with your 2 websites: Learning Champ and also Parenting Network. I am definitely recommending your sites to my friends who have kids. Thanks for the 2 free e-book: ''Help your child succeed in school and life'' and 'Learning the Piano'".
    Vivienne, Mother of 2 (Malaysia)
  85. "Hi Alvin, thank you so much for all your emails. I truly appreciate it. Look forward to your seeing more mails from you."
    Queenie Tan
  86. Dear Alvin, I must really thank you for the enlightening talk. One parent gave an immediate feedback that she really liked your talk and have learnt much. She hopes to have more such talks. Yes, I will contact you for future talks."
    Tuan Chui Lin
  87. "Dear Alvin and Kah Hong, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I've only just found your old site, and now a completely new site!!! BRILLIANT! I just cannot go on browsing until I have expressed my heartfelt thanks for your excellent efforts! It is so full of information, and just the index at the side excites me, not only have you covered the areas of academic learning but you have emphasized the teaching and values and different virtues - as well as music - it is EXACTLY what I have been searching for over the years - previously information like this were all scattered over US sites, there is just something not quite right for us in the eastern part of the planet. My only regret is getting this a little too late, ha ha! (My kids are 9 and 7 now.) Thank you very much!"
    Christina, mum from Hong Kong
  88. "Dear Alvin, thank you very much for your generous sharing which can really help a lot of parents out there. Sometimes a lot of things we knew it long ago but wasn't able to apply it as part of our life. We need to keep revising so as to be better in it."
    Karen Ho
  89. "Hi Alvin, I have managed to download your e-book. Thanks. Have not finished reading the book. From what I have read so far, some of the pointers are pretty much what we are doing with my 3 boys (17,15,10 years) right now and more. In a way, we know now that we are at the right track. This book is timely for us and shall serves as a guide and yardstick to our parenting skills. From the initial browsing of your web site and the e-mail sent by Bernadette (she is my colleague), I quite enjoy reading the feedback and news shared by parents. I have introduced a couple of my close buddies who are working parents like us who are also in their learning process - parenting skills. Once again, thanks for writing to us."
    Elaine Chen
  90. "Alvin, I sincerely express my deepest appreciation for you and your wife for putting in so much effort to share with all parents. Coming from a wife, it's the mother's instinct. But coming from a male (that's you, Alvin), I must say it's a rare gem. i will definitely share your web site with other friends."
    Verlyn Wong
  91. "Thanks Alvin. I have collected the very first free book from the site. Thanks! I have referred some friends about your site. Very informative. Keep it up!"
  92. "Hi Alvin, I have recieved the report and thanks for sharing your experiences. I look forward to learn more from this site and the experiences of others."
  93. "Thanks so much Alvin, I've learn a lot of things that doesn't cross my mind before I get to know about your web site. Great pleasure to have known you."
    Noor Julaini Lim
  94. "Alvin, I want thank you for your time spent with us, together with the parents, providing useful tips to help our children in areas they are struggling with. I have benefited a lot from your talk, many invaluable knowledge and very good approach in problem solving. We look forward for the next opportunity to work together."
    Lily, Jia Ying SCC
  95. "Dear Alvin, thank you very much for sharing with me regarding teaching children about respect. It is very true but at the same time can be very tough. Children nowadays have a mind of their own. We always refer respect to having good manners but what you said about "Respect Means Really Care About How Other People Feel" is absolutely correct. I must be very mindful of this in order to teach and impart this good habit to my family. Alvin, thank you again for sharing and I really appreciate it very much."
    Susan Tan
  96. "Dear Alvin, your parenting talk and the post discussion with you were really helpful. Your information helps me a lots in future important decision that I will be making for my kids. I do care about my kids but you have really and seriously make it happened. What you did for your children also benefits many others. I found that your presentation very useful."
    Dr Suparerk Aukkaravittayapun, a committed daddy from Thailand
  97. "Hi Alvin, I would like to thank you and your team in creating the parenting web sites and newsletter, making it possible for parents like to us to rely on, especially if one is overseas. I have been all the articles that you have sent. I find the piano article most inspiring and I have put my daughter of 3 to attend Suzuki Violin classes. She enjoys it and true enough, child do have some musical intelligence. Currently, my whole family is based in Perth and we are restricted in terms of workshops attendance. However please do keep up the good work and looking forward to meet you and your family when we return home. Just keep the emails flowing."
    Angie & family in Perth, Australia
  98. "Hi Alvin and Kah Hong, Thank for sharing your experiences and all the effort put in to start this up. I'm sure it will be able to help me and my children."
    Jean Chan

    Alvin, thank you for the E-book that you have given to me, I like it very much. I still haven't really got time to read thought every page, but it is very helpful to me. Very wonderful, appreciated very much."
    Josline Teo
  99. "Hi Alvin, thank you for coming down and spending time with us. I find your talk very motivating and engaging. There were some positive feedback from those I've managed to talk to, as reflected from your statistics too. In fact, there was an enquiry about your other talks. So, we might look for you again in future!"
    Dr Gary Ng Sum Huan
  100. "Dear Alvin, we would like to appreciate our sincere thanks to you for the enlightening talk last Saturday. I believe many parents and teachers present have benefited greatly. We would welcome further collaboration with you, especially in the area of parenting skills and strategy to help children in their studies. I will definitely recommend both of you should any school need such similar services."
    Kevin Lim
  101. "Dear Alvin, thank you for all your insightful e-mails. I have been receiving many inspiring articles from you ever since I am in you e-mailing list. Thank you for sending me those articles.  I have always enjoyed reading them."
    Norpipah Nasir
  102. "Dearest Alvin, thank you for the email.  I must say that this is one of the best video clips that you have sent! I have shared it to many friends and they just love it! I must say that after watching the video, I totally changed my parenting style, and really emphasis on Respect (Not Fear), Compassion (Not Self-centered) and Hard Work (Not taking things for granted) now. Bingo, I can see the changes in my girl. I am really please with the result! Please do keep these wonderful mails coming!"
    Vivien Tan
  103. "Dear Alvin, I have been reading some of your articles and find them very useful. Great job and I'm very thankful that you have shared your experience with so many parents and it really helps especially for first time parent like me."
    Kitty Sng
  104. "Alvin, thank you for all the emails that you had sent to me, really benefited me. Especially the letter from the little boy to his dad - it really rings a bell in me. In this busy environment that we are in, we tend to neglect our closest ones - I will keep that in mind. As a working mummy, it really need great effort to be a good mum, good wife n good employee . I hope to register my family for your workshop Currently waiting for my April schedule to be out then I can get myself register. I hope to go to the workshop together with my hubby too . It will be more effective and achievable for both of us to do it together in helping our child. Thanks once again , hope to see you soon. Take care and good health."
    Pauline Teh
  105. "Alvin, thank you so much for the information you sent to me! I keep all of them and will make time to read them. I will have two weeks holiday abroad and will read them during the vacation. sharing is very helpful and I love to receive them. I really appreciated your work. Thanks again."
    Xie Lian
  106. "Hi Alvin, thanks for your sharing with me the helpful tips for the children and for us parents and caregivers. I will circulate this email around my peers and friends."
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